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How It Works

It's easy to connect your clients to our team of experienced, qualified physicians. 

Examining X-ray

Join ClaimDocs 

Law Firm joins ClaimDocs and begin the process to help their clients.

Enroll Clients

Once the Law Firm is enrolled, firm staff can send available medical records and enroll their clients for their First Visit with a Physican.

Confirm Treatment Plan

The Law Firm will choose the service plan for its clients based on the case type and level of assistance needed.

What We Do

ClaimDocs provides your clients with access to a physician on a private pay basis with the necessary experience to diagnose, manage, and document injuries while supporting the medical/rehabilitation process by referring your clients to appropriate diagnostic evaluations and treatment.

The patient file will include detailed notes of findings and recommendations pertinent to determining causation and future med/rehab needs to assist with both AB/Section B as well as tort claim preparation.

ClaimDocs is able to complete all standard insurance claim applications as well as federal and provincial disability program applications.

ClaimDocs also offers task-focused case management services that are tailored for each client’s needs to enhance the benefit of each physician contact and to ensure that your clients are provided with the support they need to move forward with the rehabilitation process.

ClaimDocs is a private pay service. The referring lawyer will set a care plan based the needs of each client. The complexity of the case, and the goals for physician intervention.

After confirming the referring lawyer’s plan, our case management team will carry out an intake interview with the patient and prepare for the first appointment. The referring lawyer will receive regular communication regarding client visits, imaging results, recommendations, and the status of any appropriate specialist or rehab service referrals that have been made.

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